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Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati – Gujarati Comedy Natak

chhel chhabilo gujarati natakWatch Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati – Gujarati Comedy Natak. Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati is a spoof, subtly told on many levels through the protagonist Kaka Bapu and the antagonist Acharya Aatmaram Bapu. This play tells us about the values dear to both Kakaji and Acharyaji. Usha, influenced by the “simple living, high thinking” philosophy of Acharyaji , invites him and his adopted daughter Geeta, to conduct a camp at her house. While her Kaka Bapu, who is an easy going person and her fun-loving brother Shyam are prepared to accept Usha’s attitude, they get ready to welcome Acharyaji. Geeta, being brought up in the stern discipline and soberness of the ashram contemplates on her life, which she realizes is no different from a game of chess. Soon Usha realizes that she has spent her energy in a cause, she doesn’t really believe in. Meanwhile, Shyam gets influenced by Acharyaji, and he is attracted towards his daughter Geeta. The play in essence talks about human-pawns who revolt under complex circumstances and who eventually learn to take independent decisions.