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Shakun Sawa RupiyoWatch Online Gujarat Natak – Shakun Sawa Rupiyo

હવે એકજ ભાગ મા અને એકજ બેઠક મા નિહાળો શુકન સવા રૂપિયો – ગુજરાતી નાટક

Kanti Madiya,
Sharad Sharma,
Amita Rajda,
Dimple Shah,
Hemant Kewani,
Minal Patel,
Nitin Vakhariya,
Sanjay Goradia

Director: Vinay A.Laad

Manuskh’s daughter, Rachna’s repeated attempts to stall her marriage to Suketu fails. She gets married to him but, after a day, her marriage to Suketu is ended. Rachna does not reveal the reason in-spite of repeated pleas by Mansukh, Meeta, and her brother Rahul. Shantilal, Suketu’s father is furious and he suspects Rachna of betraying his trust. Therefore, Rachna asks Suketu to reveal the reason for the break-up. Before he is forced to reveal anything, Suketu commits suicide. Watch this gujarati stage play ‘Shakun Sawa Rupiyo’ to know the hidden secrets behind Rachna’s break-up and Suketu’s death.