Bani Rahiye Ekmekna Gujarati Natak

Ketki Dave & Rasik Dave. Avinash is an acupressure specialist, who lives in Khandala with his sister Namita and brother-in-law Naren. Shivani is a Mumbai resident who lives with her uncle Kishore. Shivani is suffering from a severe neck pain and comes to Avinash to help her cure from the ailment. While she is taking the treatment from Avinash, she is shocked to learn that he is blind. However, the physically handicaped fails to deter Shivani and she develops a close friendship with Avinash, and later falls in love with him. But, Shivani’s uncle Kishore, disapproves of her decision of getting married to Avinash as he feels it is difficult to spend life with a blind person. He wants her to get married Sameer, who is her childhood friend. Avinash, overhears Kishore’s comments that hurts him and decides to leave. But after Avinash’s operation, Shivani, Namita and Naren are overjoyed as he regains his sight. Will Kishore let Shivani marry Avinash after the regain of his sight?