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Parnela Chho To Himmat Rakho

Parnela Chho To Himmat RakhoWatch Parnela Chho To Himmat Rakho – Gujarati Comedy Natak. A man dies on the spot, as he claims that “he knows the secrets of a successful married life”. On meeting God, he asks him “Why me, so early?” God said, we need the formula which you know of a successful married life. In short even god does not know the key to a “successful married life”. Have you ever seen a couple that has never fought after marriage? Ever seen a wife, who has not doubted her husband? A must watch fun stage show, filled with hilarious miscommunications — of a wife doubting her husband just like any other wives would do, a husband so stupid like any other husbands, and a couple going through the roller — coaster ride of a married life like any other.